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This Lesbian Recap Of 'Faking It' Is Awesome

I don't read a lot f TV recaps, mostly because I don't watch much TV, but this recap of the first episode of 'Faking It' is completely awesome. I am probably not going to watch the show at all, but just read Autostraddle's lesbian recaps from now on.

Some highlights I particularly enjoyed:

Attractive fashionable gay men LOVE attractive fashionable gay women, it's true, and it's all fun and games until they make a demeaning joke about butch lesbians and you have to point out that you wake up next to one every morning. Oh, then Liam introduces himself and Karma throws up. BOYS.


and then later on, this:

Karma tells Liam that she and Amy broke up and he's like it was 'cause I sucked your face off next to my shitty art project? And she's like, no, it's 'cause we grew apart, we're not actually going to address the impact of me kissing another human on my relationship with my girlfriend for reasons beyond my comprehension.

Basically the whole thing is awesome and you should read it.

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