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This Looks Like A Lot Of Fun! Climbing Over Water.

This is something called deep water solo, which consists of climbing over a deep pool with no rope, thus allowing for big falls into the water.

The style is an all time favorite between climbers, but it is very hard to do it since one needs rocks on top o water with little room for injuries due to underwater stuff (Spain, southeast Asia are good places). A quick google search will show some amazing videos.

This time, they made it into a climbing competition, with an artificial wall and pool. It looks like ALL THE FUN!

I am biased, since rock climbing was my sport for years and now I'm 20 pounds heavier and with no time for practice. Which explains why I roam Youtube for climbing videos on a Friday night. Hey, to each its own! I don't like drinking by myself, so there's that. But I digress.

My point is: feel things look more badass than climbing. Like climbironing:


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