My cousin came over. She is circa 60. She was talking about her cousin who is not related to us. Well my cousin’s cousin she is earlys 60s her DIL will not let her see her grandchild unless DIL or her parents are there. She is always welcome to visit though.

We all agreed the DIL is right.

DIL and cousins son married years about 15. He had pot and alcohol problems for years but she always helped him and she was the main breadwinner. They had their first and only child circa 18 months and he got worse pot use increased and other drugs got into the mix. . She showed him the door before she gave birth. She said she was not risking the well being of her child with a man who literally not just won’t make any attempts to get clean but going in opposite direction.

He has been arrested since for dealing cocaine and owes thousands in child support. He cannot see the child unless he pays the child support. Then only supervised. He still has the dealing charges hanging over his head.

DIL does not trust her from contacting her son and meeting her with the grandson. . A few weeks ago she took a picture of her grandson. My cousin told her not to send it to her son and doing so would be stupid and recklessly endanger her visits. She ignored my cousin.. My cousin is single and childless. She was telling us she could not believe how stupid she thought her cousin was being. Well DIL found out and that’s why she put on restrictions.


I am sad that my cousin’s cousin has been out into a position like this. I doubt she did it with malice. Stupidity yes. DIL could easily have said to her “that’s it no visits for a month”.

I am so mad that a man who he and his wife were trying for over a decade to have a child. Pregnancy occured and he threw it away. I would think that at this phase in ones life would be the phase where one would work their hardest to try to be sober and drug free. I remember how happy he was when I saw him and his wife at my cousins house when she was about 3 months pregnant.


His actions affected his child’s life, his exwife and his mother. I know addiction is a serious disease and needs to be treated as such. It angers me he makes no effort to help himself this harming others. Worse he helps others with their addiction by selling them drugs.