So, here it is, my 3rd Halloween with umdude. That part is cool because I love him. The part I don't love is that for the past two years, we've (myself, umdude, and Grandma um) had to come up with and purchase a costume for umdude's nephew. Now, that's not uncool either.

What's so uncool you ask? The simple (complicated) fact that umnephew has a mother who should be doing this stuff for him. Yet, here we are, a few days before Halloween, and I forgot to put together a costume for him, so today I will be mad dashing and likely crafting like a fool until Thursday to get something cool put together/bought for him.

Since the rest of the geeklets are doing Adventure Time, he will probably want to match. And there's not a simple, store bought character costume available because Halloween is this week.

The next fun part is that on year one, I spent an hour putting his makeup on & getting him ready to trick or treat with glamgeek. It was just the two of them. His mom decided to throw a fit and say she wanted to take her own fucking kid out, because HER KID. So, umdude drove him over. What she ended up doing was making him cry, three houses in, near Grandma um's, and ruin his night. Meanwhile, I took glamgeek trick or treating alone, because I hadn't planned on her being such a bitch.


Last year, she said he could trick or treat with us, if she could come too. Shit. I don't enjoy spending time with her, but I love umnephew, so I grit my teeth and deal. She wanted to go home (and forced umnephew to go home with her) after about an hour. So, off she went, with umdude*, and umnephew, leaving me to deal with all three geeklets (newbies was only 5 months old, and he's a nursling, also, I'm not good at walking forever, especially with no available bathrooms, also, chronic pain). Fuck.

*She doesn't have a vehicle, so we have to give her a ride. Both ways. The ride home typically sucks ass because we're almost always completely pissed when taking her home. Because she makes umnephew miserable, and brings him to tears pretty much every holiday, including his effing birthday.


I'm just sick to fucking death of her. Grandma um had custody of him for 6 months, and didnt go refile the paperwork, so we're back to having to deal with her bs all the time again. We talked about getting custody ourselves, but won't do that without Grandma um's blessing. I hate this situation, and umnephew deserves a family who will love him, and be consistant (in a good way, not like his useless mother), and get him Halloween costumes, and put presents under the Christmas tree for him (if we didnt buy him stuff to open at his mom's, he would have zero presents there), and throw him birthday parties (with no drama), and just let him be a kid. FFS!

I live for the day I get to tell her to fuck off, forever. Or, at least until she gets her shit together. I want her to get her shit together, truly. But until then, umnephew deserves some stability.