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Welcome To The Bitchery

This MIA song will be stuck in my head forever and DID YOU SEE THOSE CARS?

I know she rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but I love MIA. Her crazy clothes, her swagger, and the way her songs immediately weasel their way into my brain and take up residence there. That said, I'm also insanely behind the times and only recently heard and watched the video for Bad Girls. And then my head exploded.

HOLY SHIT DID YOU GUISE SEE THOSE CARS? I'm not even that into cars, but that is some crazy stuntwork. (Plus, MIA is just so entertaining to watch.)


The behind the scenes video is also worth watching. The first guy they show, the trucker that brings the cars, is a total douchebag. But the rest of the people in the video are pretty awesome. Apparently, drifting, doing donuts, and "skating" are pretty big pastimes in Saudi Arabia. THAT IS AWESOME.

I'm wary of commenting too much on this, since I am not Middle Eastern. But it seems to me that it's a pretty great thing to have portrayals of people in niqabs and keffiyehs (? sorry I might be wrong on clothing terms here) doing impressive shit and being super cool. I know some people have criticized the video for supposedly using these people like props, but I disagree. These people have SKILLS and they are amazing to watch. Excuse me while I go look up more youtube videos.

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