I feel like I've read on Jez and Gawker commentary on girls who are posting on Thought Catalog about being shamed because they are wealthy. I find these articles obnoxious (not Jez and Gawker ones, the ones the girls wrote.)

See here (An after-post to all of the backlash this author received.)


But I do feel for them on one point. In college I got a lot of "Jeez you spent ___ dollars on jeans/a coat/a sweater." And I would always answer I'd rather pay a lot now then have something that falls apart a year later. And if you're going to criticize then don't ask. I never liked being shamed for how much I spent on something especially because I usually buy my clothes from places like Lohemann's, and J crew when they are having 40 percent off final sale. Just a thought.