Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This morning, in "Why Parents Eat Their Young"... (also, OT)

So, BabySmacks is planning to go to school in costume today. I get up at 5.30 to get him up and in the shower, and help with the face paint and so on. He’s going as a vampire. We got the fangs with the press on adhesive, and he’s wearing his black dress clothes and bow tie. I paint his face white with dark eyes, trail of blood at the corner of his mouth... your classic kid Halloween vampire look.

Housemate’s daughter gets up to help with the fangs because the adhesive is tricky. Nearly half an hour of messing around with the damn stuff, and it just. won’t. stay. Meanwhile, I did his makeup and slicked his hair, and he’s all ready except for these damn fangs. He pulls the one fang off and says forget it, he’ll just go without them. 2 minutes from heading out the door.



His oh-so-helpful brother comes in and says, “What are you? The Joker?”

That’s it. That does it. He now hates the makeup, doesn’t want to wear it, insists on taking it off, which takes nearly as long as putting it on. Of course, without fangs or makeup, the outfit “looks stupid”, so that has to come off, too.


He’s missed the bus by now, of course, so I have to drive him and deal with the insanity of school drop-off. Oh, and I’m getting a cold or something and am feeling like complete crap, and my damn car has no heat.

We get in the car and he says, “Maybe I should have left the makeup and outfit on...”



So, how’s your morning going?

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