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This moron on facebook thing took a CRAZY turn.

*His name, changed to ASSHOLE.

This happened earlier....


*ASSHOLE: If you think what i said was racist, you are ignorant.

OP/Friend: ASSHOLE, I love you, but it's ignorant to think that posting something negative with reference to racism relating to the president (which he clearly hasn't done anything to provoke), in a thread about positive actions, wouldn't call questions about your motives. Especially from people who don't know you. And I really don't appreciate you blowing up my positive post with negativity, and then calling my friends names.


Me: Yikes ASSHOLE. I think you may have misspoke. I hope you did. We all have. But then we learn. Your words, to anyone other than yourself (or fellow racists) come off as racist. You may think you were coming from a different place, but you words said something different.

ASSHOLE: Live in your dream world Barlychew. Typical dumb-o-crat twisting what i said to benefit your way of "thinking". You are the one who interpreted it wrong.


OP: ASSHOLE, please stop. You're actually not helping your case, and I think the majority of people here will agree that what you wrote left interpretation to your motives.

ME: Wowzers. It's kinda beautiful when people's true colors come out so easily.

ASSHOLE: I at least let my friends have their own opinions and dont try to make them feel unwelcome on my posts. U are entitled to your beliefs and i respect that. Too bad u and yours don't think that way.


Barlychew, you wouldn't know true color if it smacked u in the face. Maybe someone should.

Me: You just threatened me with violence because I am defending against racism. OP, who is this guy?



And then he unfriended OP and everyone went nuts that he threatened me and we all commiserated about how life will be better without this asshole.


But he's definitely not racist you guys.

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