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This Netflix reviewer is not bitter at all

I just got done watching Cujo on Netflix because I've never seen it and why not? I sometimes like to read the reviews after I watch the movies there just because.

Here's a good one (yes spoilers for Cujo):

*may contain spoilers* Here's an interesting review: I am 39 minutes into this movie and nothing even remotely scary has happened. I watched the end of this flic way back when it came out in '83, had forgotten it and now realize poor Cujo is just a big old St. Bernard (they should have used a Caucasion Mountain Dog) who's POS redneck owner has not tended to the the huge bleeding rabid bat-bite on his nose. So now our injured lovable animal is finally starting to turn. Meanwhile, a subplot about some complete dumb*ss who's wife is cheating on him which thus far has nothing whatsover to do with the main storyline, has just found out about her affair and does nothing about it!! IF... I continue watching this before I fall asleep from absolute boredom... I hope Cujo eats that lowdown cheating b*tch first and then his stupid owner who has been oblivious to the ever increasing pus and ooz from his dog's face!! COME ON?!!! and this is Stephen King? I am going to give this 10 more mintues!! By the way, I am speaking from a bit of experience... I was attacked in the early 70s by a big mean female St. Bernard who was way more scary than Cujo and scarier still, I was cheated on by different X's 4 times. Gotta love them womens y'all..


Emphasis mine.

You see, he was cheated on 4 times and was attacked by a mean FEMALE St. Bernard in the early 70s. God, all bitches HATE HIM. Us womens are the worst. We're a bunch of bitches.

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