Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Okay, I don't really like to say this, because I feel like a huge douchebag that is trying to get laid, but I used to road manage a band. They outgrew me, and they are finally starting to get some real traction.

The band is called French Girls and they asked me to help them on the road because:

1) I'm cool.

2) I'm a little bit older than them and they trust me.

3) I'm good at talking to people and getting them to give us breaks.

4) I know how to score fun drugs.

They recently went to North by North East and fucking killed it, and now this weekend they are getting radio play on six different radio stations across the country (on that first song I posted). I'm incredibly proud of them and what they've been able to achieve so far. They are also completely adorable.

Check them out early, because I expect great things from these guys.


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