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This New Englander Cannot Believe His Ears

I cannot believe I heard this at the grocery store cafeteria where I was drinking a 16 ounce bottle of 1 percent chocolate milk and a Boston Cream donut. I was literally minding my business watching the closed captioning on CNN.

When I heard the following sentence it came out of the blue.

Hang on to your hats New Englanders this is mind blowing. Ready?

“I don’t like Larry Bird”.

I.shifted my full attention to the two men talkimg. The Bird disliker said he is not from New England but he recalls all Bird did was receive the ball the toss it in the basket. He did more then that. Few players.could read a court better them him.


I do not recall any Boston athlete except for Yaz as genuinely well liked as Bird.

He, Parrish and Kevin McHale made up the greatest forward line I saw. Ok I lost interest in basketball when Bird retired.

I admit Michael Jordan was overall better but none had eyes like Bird.

How is Bird seen outside of New England?

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