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This next big grownup thing

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For the first time I am dating a fellow adult, and it makes me wonder if I really could be done dating. I have said "I wish I were done dating" so many times when caught up in infatuation. But this time the attraction has grown, not faded (which is what usually happens). It's been several months now. He's met my mom, we've hung out with each other's friends, and we spend a nice amount of time together (a few sleepovers a week plus dinner, etc.). Many of you know I have rushed into things (ATM), tried to fix them, and ended up in horrible shape. In the past few weeks my new guy and I have had a few disagreements, but they were worked out respectfully, without any kind of fighting, and I feel much less anxious that he's going to up and leave.


I write this not just to detail the personal aspect - I want to hear about when happily coupled Jezzies got through that stuff that made you date the same hopeless guys over and over until you were ready for one that makes you feel as powerful and free as when you're single.

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