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This okc ipsum lorem response generator

Is probably my new favorite toy. http://laurenhallden.com/datingipsum/

I got the following message (in the photo I attached) and here's my response:

Making lasagna from scratch thinking about trying yoga seeing as many countries as possible my dogs. My eyes listening to music amazing women I've met family is very important to me beach days, fitness I enjoy sleeping late whatever topic is on NPR discussing politics. Glass half-full the simple things in life is pretty awesome food Portlandia rock climbing.


Chilling at a bar with friends I'm just a regular guy honest and direct is pretty awesome. Neutral Milk Hotel I'm just a regular guy fascinates me I love the smell of whiskey, Vampire Weekend working at a coffee shop extrovert art school jazz cafes. But then it wouldn't be private amazing women I've met as friends pickles grab coffee or a drink tacos.

I love it.

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