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This Picture Is The Only Thing Keeping Me From a Rage Stroke

Imagine the anxiety one must overcome to leave this adorable scene for 4 days*. (The first time you have done this in his entire 2 years, though that was more an opportunity thing than an unwillingness, admittedly, but it's still hard!.) Imagine leaving him in the care of his (loving, wonderful, excited, and capable) grandparents knowing that he has been having separation anxiety (typical of the age) and will likely cry and you won't be able to comfort him. But imagine this is the first vacation you have taken alone with your husband in five years and, damnit, if you are going to leave your little one until Monday, you are going to soak up as much beach house/historical American city sun as humanly possible and have a fucking blast.

Then imagine, on your way to the airport, after you have settled your child and overcome all this anxiety and mom guilt, you find out your flight has been cancelled.


... ... ...

You find this out from a friend who is on the flight BTW. United did not think it was important to let you know. United would have let you come to the airport.

So now here I am—sans Le Petit Comte or any distractions to keep me from how he is doing until my new flight leaves at 11:30 tomorrow, taking basically a day off my vacation. (New flight is not direct, mind you—something I worked to assure when I purchased my original tickets.)

I should probably hit up the liquor store, huh?

  • seriously, how cute is this? He even helped Curious George drink the tea.

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