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But at least I'm not humiliated, I guess?

Just as I was leaving work I stopped by my boss's office to say bye to him and his boss (who I am getting the hang of understanding, now) and they are trying to woo a gaggle of execs tomorrow to get their company's business, right? So Big Boss is like, Hey roma in the morning could you bring in some pastries and coffee and some fruit or something, enough for everyone?

And I was like, sure (expecting petty cash or my boss to give me his purchasing card), and I looked at my boss and he says, Sounds good, I'll reimburse you.


Oh. So I'm standing there trying to think of a way to ask for cash upfront without completely humiliating myself and I come up with NOTHING before Big Boss says, Okay, see you tomorrow!

And now I am just so pissed. The money I have until Friday is for putting gas in my car so I can get home from work until payday and if I don't get reimbursed tomorrow I won't be able to put gas in my car. And if I don't get reimbursed tomorrow I'm going to be embarrassed because I'll have to ask my boss for money and that is embarrassing, to me.

The thing that really gets me, though, is that they assume I have money. Like, enough spare money before payday to buy breakfast for 30ish people. That is so...I can't think of a word. They are oblivious.

I'm thinking I'll hit up a bakery dumpster and pull out a few boxes of discarded donuts and bring them in like BREAKFAST IS SERVED, MOTHERFUCKERS.

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