As much as I would like the world to stop turning for a bit while I deal with my life (grief, money, etc), time kept moving forward and as of today I’m 40.


It actually isn’t really a big deal. I love birthdays. I’m not where I vaguely thought I’d be, but I’m not sure most people are and who cares, anyway? I feel like I’m now part of a neat club that is going to roll out more and more surprises over time. I have a lot of good female role models who are 60 and up who are beautiful, enthusiastic, active, and give me a great picture of what “over the hill” can look like. I may have 50 years left, so I should probably make sure to have a good attitude about aging.

My only plans are to go to a restaurant I haven’t been to in close to 20 years to eat way too much with some awesome people I’ve known a long time. Two I’ve known since HS, two I’ve known since college and one from graduate school. Mr GV will be the new kid in town. It will be big fun!

I need fun.

For the materialism piece, Mr GV got me a flatbed scanner so I can work on archiving the mountain of pictures I have from my grandmother, but it won’t get here until Monday and I think I’m going to buy myself a piece of jewelry to mark the occasion.


Until we leave I’m going to do very little, enjoy drinking my coffee slowly by myself, and maybe give myself a pedicure.

Share your fave gifs and be happy with me. Share your happies here, GT!