Is a hot mess. Not the writing of it, but the shitpile of people featured in it.

As many of us know, Parti Québécois, a political group of which Quebec's current Premiere belongs, is looking to pass a pretty bigoted Charter of Values which Quebecers will need to follow. Specifically, it would bar "some 600,000 public-sector workers from wearing conspicuous religious symbols" on the job, including Muslim scarves and turbans, huge crosses, kippahs and whatever other garb people might wear. They would be allowed to wear smaller items, as the chart suggests. I don't think I need to go into how incredibly problematic this is.

But getting back to this article. There was a public hearing about this very contentious issue and it brought out the full gamut of opinions. Reading the article, it was just one "what?!" after another.

First, while decorum in such procedings is more important than, you know, actually talking about the issue, you would think a person would be able to outline why the proposed legislation is troubling. Nope. A regular citizen, Martin Laperrière, "called a Montreal newspaper columnist and TV host who supports the charter and in November went on air wearing a burqa a "little racist journalist." Sounds to me that if you act like a racist, someone might call you a racist. The Minister of Democratic Institutions (whatever that means) Bernard Drainville told him he's not allowed to call out racists.


This one is a doozy for our crowd: a transgender woman, Michelle Blanc, had an hour to speak and basically blurted out a soliloquy full of internalized self-hate.

"When I see a veil, the mental image I have is of all the gays who were hung high and low in the public square … in certain Arab countries. And they invite the children to see it because it's a show for families," said Ms. Blanc, who introduced herself as a trans-gendered lesbian.

She added that daycare workers who wear the hijab represent a danger. "We ban advertising aimed at children because, supposedly, they are susceptible, and yet there are some who would be ready to leave veiled women with our children all day long," she said. Before you know it, she said, the children will be asking if they too can wear a veil. "Is that what we want for Quebec? I'm far from certain of that."


The same people who say that Muslim people will brainwash the public will say the same thing about homosexuals, trans* people, and whoever else doesn't fit their homogeneous idealogy. For a transgender woman to side with these people, she has to have swallowed a lot of rhetoric.

For his part, Drainville encouraged her to equate how conspicuous religious clothing would suggest "a negative message about your sexual orientation." What a decent guy. The woman in the niqab makes me feel bad about being gay! The answer here is not to outlaw niqabs, but to teach tolerance - specifically, no, the Muslim lady does not care about your orientation so leave her practices alone.


Last up to bat, we have Andrea Richard. Richard, "a former nun from Trois-Rivières who has forsaken all religion as "lies" and fully supports the PQ charter". I will let her comment speak for itself.

"I'll give you an example of the effect conspicuous symbols can have," she said. "Personally, I went to Staples four years ago, and there was a woman with a veil at the cash, and I changed cashiers because I felt ill at ease. I did not want to know her religion."


Again, so much internalized hate. I understand that you've had a tough relationship with organized religion, Ms. Richard, but many people haven't. In fact, many people's raison d'être is their religious beliefs and connections to that community. You do not get to decide who is right and who is wrong here. You do not get to project your issues onto other people. If organized religion is so full of lies, just back away from the whole thing and do whatever secular things you do to keep yourself happy like the rest of us heathens.

I would highly recommend checking out the article. It's short and may leave your head spinning because these bigots can't seem to keep their narratives straight, but it's good for a slow head shake.