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This serves to notify you all...

My quit (smoking) date is 10/19. I started taking Zyban yesterday, and BT is on Chantix. So here's to soon being free of a $10/day habit (x2!) and being able to breathe and not smell so stinky all the time.

I'm supposed to tell all my friends and loved ones so that way I am supported (shamed) if I slip up. So help keep me accountable!

Also, I need ideas for quit smoking rewards. BT and I are going to save all our cigarette money starting on day 30 in order to have a kickass 1st anniversary in May. We just need ideas for little rewards during the first 30 days since those are the hardest. I'm thinking a maid service for week 1 to deep clean the house. That will make me/us less stressed! Maybe fun date nights for the other weeks?

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