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This shit makes me feel old.

So Miss Kittin has been my favorite female DJ for a lonnnnnng time. I have seen her a ton live, but I haven't gone out much at all in the last 8 years or so.

I wanted to pull some stuff for my friend's daughter, who is 15, and really into electronic music, she wants to make it herself. So I thought, GIRL POWER! I will show her all my favorite female DJs!


Then I watched this, and I was like...what is this? Like, the music is good, but I've never seen Kittin in a laptop so much, and this crowd is...I don't know. I don't bemoan The Basic Crowd, I am basic myself. But every show I have been to her of hers has been filled with freaks AND basics. And she used to get down so much more.

Like, this is how I remember her...

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