So, I'm traveling to SXSW in a few days for work. I was able to book the airplane ticket via our company travel website...but hotel stays are a different beast for SXSW. All housing has to be done though them. So I ended up at one hotel that was near the airport (not within walking distance to where I need to be) because that was all that was available at the time. I was still on a waitlist for something closer and so stuff opened up and they moved me to a hotel that is about 6 blocks away from everything. Great! Except it's like $330 a night plus tax. And I have to pay for that out of pocket and then submit for reimbursement. Obviously I'm hesitant to be like, "fuck it! Yes I will stay in this King bed suite!" So I emailed my boss asking her if there was a chance that reimbursement wouldn't go through and she's like "yeah, they could deny it." without any sort of advice. And I'm like, "well that's not fucking helpful." So now I'm waiting for a response from SXSW to see if there is anything cheaper because I don't want to be out over a grand. Why can't this just be easy? Like, you asked me to go to SXSW and now it could turn into a bizarro vacation that I am paying for but forced to work at.

I really just hope I'm over thinking things.