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This social justice warrior is confused


A few of you know I've been lurking on GG forums and trying to understand what participants see in a movement and how they explain away what appears to be blatant sexism in their movement. As with most qualitative ethnographic studies, I noticed words used over and over. Instead of defining these words based on my own ideas, I asked members of the group to define them for me. I tried my best not to antagonize and simply pose questions. I wasn't looking to change anyone's ideas, I wasn't looking for arguments. I just wanted to know what they were thinking.

I finally decided to post questions. "What is an SJW? What is the difference between a feminist and an SJW?"

I then followed it up with another post based on responses:

Based on my prior post and my continued lurking I noticed the following themes: There is no such thing as patriarchy White males do not have the greatest access to resources in our society and even at least one argent about how women had it much easier than men Rape culture is a myth That lies, deception, and dishonesty are used to argue Again I'm not really here to engage argue or change anyone's views. I'm looking to be educated on both sides.

The reason for creating another post was to allow as many responses as possible instead of only receiving responses from individuals if I were to reply to responses within the first post.

I'm still confused because it is really hard not to look at replies like:

I'm a white man.

Now what? Should I require to list all my problems I had/have in my fucking life? Just so I get a better ranking in the hierarchy?

I just deleted a big rant which I was going to post.

The reality is, you won't understand. SJW never understand people with issues. You project your own superiority of having an awesome place in society on others, while not having the slightest clue of reality.

Yes, most white men with no illnesses born into a working family with no financial problems, don't have a problem. Shocker: Most white men are not that lucky.

And trust me: Being healthy, having a working family / no financial issues is putting you way higher on the hierarchy than you realize. And definitely above white men with those issues.


and this [bolding is me not the original poster]

i would not agree with the idea that men get more goodies than women in our country. at all.

women in the united states are a majority of the population and a solid majority of the electorate. they live longer, healthier, happier lives, with less work, more time with their friends, more time with their families, and less chance of violent victimization. Women recieve preferential treatment in employment, education, criminal law, family law, government services, healthcare, social situations, personal relationships, and media attention.

further more, the idea that mostly men are in positions of power therefore, all men have power is a fallacy. the fact is that men are a majority at all extremes of our society. most ceos are men but most homeless are men also.only looking at the top segments of society and making judgements that apply to all of society is known as the apex fallacy


and think this movement holds a grudge against women. Specifically against women who speak out about sexism or social justice problems.

I was going to post the link to the reddit but I've gotten replies on my other GG post from a clear ROK redpiller that aren't terrible but make me nervous about linking.

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