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This sounds like a code?

Guise, please tell me if I am overthinking and seeing hidden meaning where none exists, or if this really is coded language. I'm casually job searching at the moment, and because we want to move out of this area but not necessarily to a specific place, I'm often unfamiliar with the locations of the jobs I see. So when I look at job postings, I normally jump over to the city or town's website as well to try to get a feel for whether it's somewhere I'd actually want to live.

I just read one municipal website that says right up top on the "About" page that this town is "a community of concerned citizens with strong family values." I hear "family values" and immediately think "conservative, traditional, anti-choice, anti-pretty much all the liberal values I hold dear". But is that just my conditioning after ten years living somewhere people openly use the n-word and think there's something wrong with me because I don't belong to a church?


What would you think if you read that statement? Do they literally value families, or do they actually hate all us godless liberal atheist muslim abortion-slingers?

I'm just worried about being met by this llama welcoming committee.

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