Hello Groupthink!

There is this guy that was banned on Gawker for being racist. This was a big blow to his ego because he was the most talked about thing on the Shitty Saturday Essays, more than the essays themselves.

For some reason he decided to take this out on a select group of people who happen to not be white. Yes, I know you are surprised that a racist would get mad at PoC for shit he's responsible for.

He has now decided that since his doxxing didn't work (good job putting me in a town that I had to Google to make sure it exist) he would go after me using Kinja. His MO is to find someone that responds to me and get them to turn against me. So far no one is caring. I just want to get let everyone know. If you get a random burner telling me how much of a misogynist I am, it's him. Dismiss and, if you can, get him banned.

Thank you for your time,


ETA: Here's the post he's talking about. Not linking it because that shit is done with. I also stand by everything I typed. If it angers you #YOLO