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This story about a couple charged in the death of their son keeps getting worse and worse

Collet and David Stephan are standing trial for failing to provide the necessities of life to their 18 month old son after he died of meningitis. The couple opted to treat the child with herbs, until he stopped breathing.

A friend who was a nurse whom they asked to look at the boy thought he might have meningitis, so the couple phoned their natropath looking for an “immune boost”. However when they went to take the child to the Naturopath his poor little body was so stiff that they could not get him into his car seat.

So what did his parents do? They put a mattress in the back of their vehicle, and drove him to. the. Naturopath.


Once there, they told the naturopath that if he got any worse, they would take him to the hospital! Bloody hell! What level of worse did they think there is between “my child possibly has a brain infection and his body doesn’t bend anymore” and death?

Apparently the family was reluctant to go to the Doctor because they had had “bad experiences” with conventional medicine.

Welp, now they have had a horrific experience with alternative medicine.

Reminds me of how a friend of my mother’s went to a Naturopath for abdominal pain, which the Naturopath diagnosed as parasites. Turned out it was a prolapsed bladder, and by the time she was correctly diagnosed, her bladder had dropped so low, it was inside her vagina. When she went for surgery, her husband said he was afraid the surgeon would “put her in a pine box.” My Mom is a retired nurse, and at that point she lost it, and told him that if anything was going to put her in a pine box, it was the ineffective care their Naturopath had been giving his wife for months.


Apparently the surgeon was pissed at the state of her prolapse and said that you only see something as bad as that these days in developing countries where women don’t have access to care, not in Canada.

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