The New Zealand Prime Minister was harassing a waitress for months by pulling on her hair whenever he came in. She repeatedly asked him to stop, which he didn’t. Only now that she went to the press in a last-ditch effort to end the behaviour did he apologize, except he is STILL saying it was merely ‘playful’ and that he had a great, friendly relationship with all the staff at that restaurant. You can tell he doesn’t get why it was offensive at all, and I can probably bet that many people are going to take his side and wonder why the waitress was such a buzzkill about the whole thing.

Why is it so hard to understand that invading personal space and overriding bodily autonomy is wrong? Your ‘playful’ intentions, creepy or not, don’t matter. If someone doesn’t want you touching them, it is not a joke if you continue to do so.

Eta: where’s Anne when you need her?