So after the scare last week, Mr.Bottom was told everything was fine and he is "essential" and all was good. Today he was was told that their funding runs out on Tues, so if the the shutdown continues and they don't get funding before the debt ceiling end date passes, then he will officially be furloughed. This freaking sucks you guys. I already have bad anxiety and big stuff like this just sends me right into panic attacks. I'm trying to keep it together for Mr.Bottom, because he hates when I break down. But hearing that today I can feel my nerves fraying and I just feel so much bad stuff. I feel like everything bad is going to cascade and horrible things are going to happen. I'm trying to calm down but it's really hard.

So I've been distracting myself. I took my sisters wedding dress in to get steamed and cleaned. I'm working on my seed germination project for Bio II and playing with my kittey-babies.

Speaking of kitties, the momma cat and her 3 kittens officially moved onto my porch a couple days ago. No more creeping onto my neighbors porch to get some kitty love for this girl! The only problem is that the kittens are getting bigger and want to play a lot more. Which was fine, we would bring out toys and try to help them stay out of the bad parts of bushes and stuff. Well, now they were wanting to play under the cars in the parking lot. We're not home very often, I'm at school from 7:30-8 at night. Mr Bottom comes home for lunch, and he gets home at 4:30, but that is still plenty of time for horrible stuff to happen. We had set up an empty pot as a makeshift bed while we phoned around trying to see if any of our friends wanted a kitten. We haven't gotten any responses.


This morning, Mr.Bottom went out to feed them and he noticed the momma was gone. He figured she'd gone out looking for food or something, since the bowl only had a little kibble left. Well, I chilled with the kittens all morning (on the porch in the sweltering Houston heat), making sure they stayed near by. I finally decided to call the SPCA and CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection) and see if they would take them. They said they would, but they only do it by appointment (and with a fee). So Sunday, the 20th (the day after my sisters wedding) we're going to take them up there. I figured we'd take them in until then, as 1 week won't hurt. I was also nervous about the momma not being around and was worried something had happened to her. As I was bringing the carriers outside though, she finally showed up! And promptly headbutted my shin and begged for lovings. I got them all in carriers, then ran inside and upstairs to the bathroom. I wanted to keep them in our closet since it's huge, but Mr.Bottom is afraid of fleas and accidents, and the bathroom is the only place without carpet that we can close off. Our cats are weird with new cats, and we didn't want to stress them out anymore than we already had.


They're adjusting pretty nicely! I put some toys in there and they are really happy with them. Momma cat just wants love all the time. I did notice that she understands what doors are and how to open them from underneath. So obviously she was someone's pet once and they just got rid of her at some point (probably when she got knocked up).


If you're in Houston and are interested in adopting one before the 20th, hit me up! I'll drive them all out to you so you can meet them and choose! I just want them to be safe and in a good home. Mr.Bottom was pretty adamant about "No More Kitties, Bottom!", but he's wavering. We may keep one. I'm torn between the marbled tabby and the momma. One of the stripped tabbies is a little love slut too. Gah! I'm just a crazy cat lady, guys! I wish we could keep them all! With this furlough though,, I'm not sure. We have a lot in savings and apparently if he is furloughed, he can apply for unemployment, so that's good. It all still sucks though.

I'm going to try to add a video... I have to upload them to YouTube first though, so I'll either edit them in or make a new post once I have.

ETA: One of them uploaded! I'm sorry for the loud background noise! I was sitting right next to the fan I put in there. With the door shut, it gets kinda stuffy, so I had to put one in to keep things nice for them. Just turn the volume down low at first, so it doesn't blast your ears out.