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80 dollars later and the vet has no idea why my cat still has inflammation in her mouth after having almost all of her teeth removed 6 months ago and said that I have to take her to a dental specialist. UUUGHHHH. I also think she got super offended when I asked if there was a possibility if there was tooth left in those spots. I wasn't intentionally saying they didn't do it right. I'm just frustrated that after this expensive surgery and multiple follow up visits that have amounted to nothing that my cat is still in pain and I have to pay more money for someone else to figure out whats going on. Like...I have three jobs and still juuuust make enough to pay my bills and occasionally do fun things. I don't know how I'm going to scrounge up the money to take her to this specialist. The one by me isn't even available until APRIL. It's not the vet's fault - though paying for that 20 minute visit to tell me that she is fine aside from her teeth really sucks. It's the universe's fault and the shitty shelter (Fuck you forever, BARC) that didn't explain how sick my cat was when I adopted her.



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