I miss Prince Fluffybutt. We barely get to see each other because of our work schedules. He works Monday - Friday from 8am-6pm, and on the weekends he's usually doing random odds and ends. I work scattered hours during the week, Saturdays 2-9 and have been doing Sundays 6am-4pm (which thankfully ends tomorrow because the guy I've been covering for is coming back from vacation). So on Fridays I spend the night with the Prince, but we don't get to hang out on Saturday and on Sundays I'm usually too exhausted to do anything besides sleep.

I just miss him. Since the Sunday shifts will end soon I'll be able to see him Friday and Saturday nights, which I'm looking forward to. But we used to see each other all the time during the week, and now we don't and it just sucks.

And yeah, yeah, it's "more special" when we see each other less often. I know. But I'd like more than one night a week with my boyfriend. *Sigh. Fluffybutt problems.