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This summer, my goal is some exercise

And in pursuit of that goal, I took a Bar Method class this morning. A few observations, on both the workout and the experience:


1. The space is beautiful. Lots of white, with high ceilings and natural light. The classroom is also very clean, and felt really welcoming. There's onsite childcare, lockers, and showers.


2. I was afraid I would be stuck in a class full of tall, willowy super humans, and stand out like a lone dumpling in a bowl of noodle soup, but there was a lot of body diversity among the students and I felt perfectly comfortable.

3. The workout was really challenging, but the instructor was very calm and had a nice, gentle voice to lead us. She did no shouting, made no wild exhortations, and no one gave me a heard time for taking breaks when I needed them.


1. The workout is completely non-aerobic. It's all weights and toning exercise. So, while it was very hard, and I got quite sweaty, I think I'll need more than just this to really get in shape. I'll need some kind of additional exercise that gets my heart rate up. I couldn't do this alone and get into the kind of shape I'd really like to be in.


2. This is NOT CHEAP. I got a LivingSocial deal where my first 30 days are $45 for unlimited classes, but once that expires, it's either $24 a class, or $176 a month for unlimited. Ouch.

So, all told, while I enjoyed it, and will go back (at least until my 30 days are up), I don't know about investing in this long terms. Anyone else here do this type of exercise class? What do you think? What do you like better?

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