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documented job.

I'm a musician and all through-out high school and the first part of college I made all the money I needed just playing gigs. I needed to get a job this summer since academia has completed ate any and all motivation I have to play my instrument and I have stopped gigging. So with a resume that read half positive adjectives and half a list of awards I have ever gotten playing music (I literally had nothing to put on it) I went job searching last April. I just threw that piece of paper every-fuckin-ware. I ended up landing a job by chance. I got a call from my current boss who needed someone and needed someone fast. He said mine was the resume that he happened to pick and that's why I got the call. Lucky for him, I'm really fucking good at the job he needed me to do. I knew I would be the minute he said what it was. Oh, and the best part? I started at 10 bucks an hour! Woot!

Fast forward to yesterday, I get officially recognized by the director of the department for my efforts and get offered an opportunity which will likely lead to full time work after I graduate in 9 months. This work has absolutely nothing to do with my degree and I don't give one single fuck! All I want to do is graduate and be able to fully support myself. Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good today, haha!


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