We always see a variation on this discussion everytime an incident like this occurs.

I would never dress up in blackface, but I still don't really understand why it's offensive to do so. I am not trolling, I would really just like someone to explain to me why this is offensive. And if a white person wants to dress up as a black person, what is the appropriate way to do so?

Besides the obvious, I have lived for 42 years and managed each fucking year not to dress up like a black person. WHY DO PEOPLE ACT LIKE THEY ARE BEING OPPRESSED BECAUSE IT'S LOOKED DOWN UPON TO DRESS UP LIKE OTHER RACES? YOU DON'T EVER FUCKING HAVE TO DO IT.

Literally, Julianne Hough could dress up like a fucking Visigoth and it'd be 10x the costume. BUT NO and there is always some fucking person acting like it's some horrible goddamned blight upon their personhood if they aren't allowed to dress in blackface or redface or yellowface or whatever fucking race they want to mimic.


PS I know we've talked about the blackface but there is always this defense in every subject, which is more of what I'm talking about here.