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This was too cool not to share

Eythora Thorsdottir’s new floor routine, for those so inclined toward gym-fangirling like me (JPT, hi!). Not going to make such a statement as Sophina DeJesus’ amazing NCAA floor routine, but holy shit guys - it’s a floor routine about ZOMBIES!

I like zombies and I like this routine. It’s one of the few this quad where the dance elements don’t feel contrived and box-ticky. Say what you will about the tumbling skills, but the dance DEFINITELY flows more than most. I posted Shang Chunsong’s 2014 World’s floor routine on a past comment thread by JustPassingThrough, which has a similarly creepy vibe to this one and also really good dance, so apparently that’s now my jam.


It won’t win, though - I think Simone Biles first and Aly Raisman second have this sewn up, assuming Aly is indeed on the team and Simone stays injury-free. But it’s hella fun to watch! Zombie dance, man!

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