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This Week Has Been Shit; A Bunch of You are Crazy Blind

Me: miscarrying

A very close friend: didn't place in an internship, possibly torpedoing her entire PhD (yes, for real, things going on for years, this was the last chance, I honestly don't know what she's going to do and I'm really concerned about her)

My aunt: diagnosed with uterine cancer, Grade 3, hysterectomy scheduled for a couple weeks from now


My parents: probably splitting up, my dad showed up at my house last night and is either going to crash with me or taking off for Florida (FLORIDA!!! of all places) to just restart his life (parting words this morning: "come visit me!" uh, okay dad.)

And now, on top of everything else: THE DRESS IS WHITE AND GOLD, DAMMIT!

ETA: And now Leonard Nimoy has passed away.

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