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This week in cat adoption: Update

I have a meeting this weekend with this little lady! Sooo I panicked a bit when putting together the things to buy for future!cat and backed away from the process for .2 seconds. Luckily the adoption counselor understood, and I had my phone screening/chat with the foster today and we are all set to meet on Saturday! So, fingers crossed. Though, when the foster sent this photo, I had a moment of, That’s my cat! and my heart immediately melted. Let’s hope she doesn’t hate me! 😌

If humans and kitty are a match, I am going to name her Bonny, after the poem To A Bonny Birch Tree my George Campbell Hay. Of course I have already made her an IG that I will make public if the meeting goes well: BonnyComeHome. (Will that doxx me? Hope not. Meh.)

Future!Cat is around 3 years old. A year ago she was rescued from a hoarding situation and then sent to animal control, where she was placed on the euthanasia list for hissing (sigh). Fortunately she was rescued by a local fostering org. She went through group fostering and then to a foster on her own and has made a ton of progress! I’ve mentioned having PTSD before, I am actually about to start a CPT trauma program soon, and I was immediately drawn to future!cat because, I get it. I figure we can be patient with one another as we move forward in life. PTSD cat for a PTSD human. 😜


She’s so purty!!!!!!!!

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