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This Week in Em-Dub's Strange Habits:

I tell you all of my love/obsession with YouTube videos of nature sounds. Seriously, people. Every night I put a new one on and let it play while I fall asleep (tonight is "10 Hours of Rain and Thunder" night) and it is the MOST RELAXING THING EVER. I love the sounds of nature as it is, but as I generally spend every night in the same location I need some variety! Rain sounds are my favourite, but I also like ocean sounds (even though I really dislike going to the beach in real life (why did 14 year old chubby me think wearing a white t-shirt would be less embarrassing than going shirtless at the beach? Traumatising to think about!))

Anyway, this is just a stream-of-consciousness post on the amazingness of nature sounds, but I felt like sharing!


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