"Be a Goddamn Adult. Learn to Cook."

Excuse my language, but what the ever-loving fuck?

Do you guys count sewing buttons as a major life skill? If your parent didn't (or couldn't) take the time to show you how to light a pilot light, are you no longer an adult? If you aren't a weird, super realistic combination of a seamstress, nutritionist, cook, and mechanic, are you failing at life?


To be fair, Erin Gloria Ryan doesn't bash Millenials specifically, but it harkens back to the good old days (ha) when people took Home Ec seriously. I personally would have Hulk smashed any teacher who told me that sewing was more important than my other electives in high school. I agree that kids should have the chance to learn how to budget - but not everyone does everything the same way, and that's a skill that, in my experience, develops. Or it doesn't. The kind of 30+ year old who doesn't know how to budget is not the kind of person who would have been fundamentally changed by a high school class on how to balance rent and groceries - by 30, we have all had access to the tools (hello, Youtube, blogs, Pinterest, etc.) to learn all of these things if we were particularly interested in doing so. I mean, I don't budget! I suck at it! And in university, I have had plenty of opportunities to learn. I'm trying, but my lack of budgeting is not because the world around me hasn't given me the opportunity, and not because I am a coddled Millenial kidult. Ugh.

I know that a lot of people on GT here are crafty, so my ire aside, I'm curious - what do you guys think are crucial life skills that are necessary to be an adult, rather than a 'kidult' (gag)? (And if you agree with EGR, don't worry, that's okay!!)