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"On Valleywag, Nitasha Tiku has done outstanding coverage of this garbage-monster, so just go read her. But the summary is, Chahal is a vapid pseudo-inspirational crap-tweeter and founder of internet advertising company RadiumOne. He was caught on video

hitting and kicking his girlfriend 117 times over a half hour. His lawyers got the video thrown out, sparing him the 45 felony assault charges he was facing; instead he pled guilty to two misdemeanors. But his career has taken a terrible... oh, hold on, let's see here... no I guess his company just announced a lucrative partnership with Condé Nast and he's already tweeting smug crap about bouncing back. His company is also proceeding with its planned $100 million IPO. I guess consequences are just "an illusion we have told ourselves."


From the always excellent Today in Tabs segment by Rusty Foster.

An update on this asshole,...

Techcrunch spent a few days silent and released this letter to the board of RadiumOne, and are dropping them as a sponsor.


And CondeNast is reviewing it's relationship with RadiumOne.

What can you do? You can opt out of RadiumOne's ad services here.

That said, i'm still disappointed because on the articles/posts on twitter in regards to RadiumOne, people are still defending (a much smaller minority now) this fucking asshole because the whole "meritocracy" of tech, while Donald Sterling is pretty much getting blasted by everyone. And people think the tech sector is "progressive". It's a fucking joke.

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