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This weekend has been a mixed bag.

I saw my favorite band play and my friend's marriage end.

Best friend and family cam in last night. We had a delicious dinner of corned beef and colcannon. They took quick showers to wash off the road gunk while I held their baby and fed their 2 year old. Baby eats, and eats, and eats. Even at a month, I love seeing the personality of the little person he is shine through.

Despite the frozen mess that Dallas has become, we trekked in to see the Dead Milkmen and we weren't the only ones. It took us an hour going mostly on city streets to get there. I let my friends from MI drive their rental car and me and Google played navigator to avoid the closed streets and accidents. I went over a new viaduct in to the city that I've never used. Granted, if people were out and about, it isn't a neighborhood that I would have been driving through.


My normal Friday night club closed for the night and one of the DJs came to see the Milkmen too. The show was great; worth the 20 year wait. The crowd sucked. There were a lot of mid twenties people who could not hold their alcohol. People falling over in the pit were doing so because of the alcohol and not the jostling. Rodney Anonymous said that, in Cleveland, someone stage diving caused over a grand in damage to his keyboard equipment and he looked terrified of it happening again. I wouldn't have stage dived if someone had offered me money. It made me nervous, too.

I haven't been to a show that full of drunken idiots in a long time. Some petite girl tried to pick a fight with my friend's husband. She was shoving people into the pit and kept backing into him and elbowing him. When he got tired of her he pushed her forward, off of him, just like she was doing to others. and she turned around and yelled, "You want to go?" He is 6'6" and just a big guy. She was maybe 5'3". He looked around and was like, "Really?" There was a bouncer right by him who was just at a loss and shrugged. There were also people who kept trying to make out on top of him. No less than 3 couples backed up to him and preceded to make out against him. After a while I thought we might be being punked. It was ridiculous.

Traffic on the drive home was more sparse and we took the highway. We stopped at Taco Cabana for a snack. Her husband has only recently discovered Cabana, so much discussion was had about taco places between Dallas and Detroit.

My son is up before 9am watching Home Alone with the sleeping people in the living room. I warned them. I made coffee and breakfast burritos with chorizo.


My friends bickered. She was trying to be nice, but at every reply she made to him he condescended, corrected, or tried to make it sound like she was arguing with him, even when it sounded to me like she was saying something in agreement. I thought he was just grumpy that he had come up and they were going to see her parents. Her parents are a special kind of dysfunctional.

He got mad when he realized she didn't pay the water bill before she flew down. It is due on the day she gets back, but she won't land until late afternoon. So he continues to pick on something that she can't do anything about today. He suddenly declared that he would not be going to dinner with her parents. She said fine, you don't have to do anything you don't want, you don't even have to come to the hotel if you want to find something else to do. He took this as she was throwing him out. It was a big mess. He is manipulative and doesn't fight fair. Every time she tried to counter him he shushed her and said she always interrupted him - every time. He tossed the car keys at her and hit her in the chest. It was under handed, but he still threw them at her and then accused her of violence. Horrible things came out and I'm sure he's embarrassed that he knows knows I know and don't just suspect that he's hit her before. He packed up his things and said he was walking to Houston. I think he got 2 exits away and was at the whataburger when she left and picked him up. She says that's it. When she gets back she's moving her and the kids to the empty apartment on their rent house. I hope that's what happens.


I hate that there's nothing I can do. I hate that she may give him another chance. I hate that she's stuck with him until she can get him back to Houston tomorrow. If you believe in prayers, thoughts, and/or vibes, please send some good ones her way.

I almost completely forgot that my company's Holiday party was tonight. My husband called in to work because it is too far for him to drive in this crap weather, so he and my son stayed home. My daughter and I went and bowled a game or 4. It was fun. And I won a Wii mini and more Wii games that we didn't have. When they announced the prize they were drawing for, I turned to my daughter with my fingers crossed and said, "Say - call mom's name, call mom's name!" and then they did. My husband was hoping for a big TV.


So a total mixed bag this weekend. Hopefully, tomorrow I can get out to go grocery shopping. I feel like making some comfort food.

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