It's been a while since I wrote about my scumbag of a martial arts instructor, but he is still an awful human being. I hate to admit it, but my animosity toward him actually waned somewhat recently when I couldn't/didn't go to class for 3 weeks because I was busy with work, sick or out of town for the holidays. I've started working out again, however, and this weekend he reminded me of one of the major reasons why I hate him so much: he is just so damn sexist.

The class I'm in is all-ages and it's about 50/50 kids and adults most of the time. Of the kids, there are 7 or 8 of them who show up regularly, and of those, only two are girls (a pair of sisters). All of the kids are under the age of 12, so they're still developing feelings and ideas and shit.


Anyway, yesterday in class my teacher was going over some wrestling techniques (we do jiu-jitsu style grappling, although he simplifies it quite a bit for the kids). I guess the other day, one of the sisters was wrestling with one of the boys and she pinned him down hard. As my teacher was giving his spiel, he mentioned this and said something to the boy that got held down about how it felt to be pinned down *by a girl,* as if that was some sort of great embarrassment. Later I heard him say something to another one of the boys about crying *like a little girl* (sometimes the kids do accidentally hit each other too hard and there is crying, but there is nothing wrong with that).

Fast forward to today, we were all boxing (or the kids doing some imitation of it) and I heard one of the boys say to another boy that he was acting *like a girl.* After class I asked my girlfriend if she had heard this exchange; she said she had and that she had almost walked over to the boys and asked them what was wrong with being like a girl. Yesterday I almost threw away my fucks and asked my teacher what was so wrong about being pinned down by a girl during wrestling (I didn't quite have my feminist game face on for that though).

I've noticed my teacher never does the like a girl thing to the grown men in class, and he never says explicitly sexist stuff to my girlfriend or I, but I hate that he says it to these little boys. I hate that his sexist bullshit is already being absorbed by them, as evidenced by today. I hate that there's really no way for me to personally combat that this as I have like zero influence on these kids. I just hope they have some balancing people in their lives, although I kind of worry that they don't.