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This weekend needs an extra day

Hey everyone! Is anybody else running out of time for all their projects/exhausted?

I have friends coming up to stay on Wednesday night and still need to get that room squared away for them in addition to regular housecleaning. I did get 2 coats of ceiling paint done in the bathroom today, and dug a drainage ditch yesterday for my husband as part of his Father’s Day gift haha! I still need to paint the bathroom walls and I work tomorrow. And then people are here Tuesday as well, kiddo has a friend coming over and my cousin is coming by worth her twins. Which is awesome.. But Arfgghghhhhhh


On top of that, I followed up on a cat my brother found about 75/80 feet in a tree last night. Animal control won’t come out, fire department doesn’t do anything either. Food and water have been left to entice it down, and I met up with someone who might be the owner and I gave her some local cat rescue contacts to see if they can help or at least point them in the right direction.

Oh yeah, I dropped off a baby mouse with a friend yesterday after my cat dropped it in the trench I was digging as a gift. Baby mouse currently alive, eating and active- so that’s good. Just for extra fun shark week showed up early to make all of this extra fun.

I need to find an extra 24 hours.

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