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This week's menu, Hoth edition

It is ridiculously cold outside here. Like currently -21F wind chill outside cold, with a chance of getting even colder. So I've decided I'm living off a rich and fatty diet and not leaving the house unless absolutely necessary (add this to my list of reasons I will be working from home next year).

I still have pan of bacon gruyere mac & cheese in the freezer (I finally got around to making it!) that I am going to live off of, but I am also excited to make this:


Caramel apple baked brie. The fella doesn't like cheese as being the main focus of any dish, so this is totally in night cheese territory for me. I'm also planning on making a coconut curry with sweet potatoes, and gnocchi with white beans and kale. I have everything I need to make a dessert, but thanks to after Christmas discounts I now have a healthy supply of Gingerbread Twix to live off of for a month.

Now I have to find the motivation to get off my duff, put on pants, and make some french toast and coffee. What will you be making this week, GT?

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