Yesterday, my roommate and I had a friend over. I did much of the cooking and preparation (cleaning and such), but roommate stepped up this time and actually helped (as opposed to other times we've hosted).

The kitchen was left a mess. Neither of us wanted to do the dishes - no dishwasher, sadly - so we went to bed.

My schedule this week has me coming home earlier than she does. And the kitchen was REALLY squalorous - dishes piled high, crumbs and chocolate everywhere. Because it's so small, it gets messy and gross really quickly. There was not a single inch of counterspace that wasn't taken over by dirty dishes.

She was late coming home, and I wanted to get it done as quickly as possible so I took a shower, I rolled up my sleeves, cranked up the music on my iPhone, and got to work, chipping away at the mess. Dish by dirty dish.

Well, a few minutes ago (so three hours after she knew I would have gotten home), literally right as I was putting the last dish into the drying rack, she sent me a text that said "I'm at [bf's] for dinner. I'll help when I get home! :)'

Well, that made me go:


The crazy part is that I genuinely wouldn't have minded doing all the dishes. If she had just come home late and thanked me for doing all the dishes while she cavorted with her boyfriend, I would have been fine! Instead, I just feel like her text was some half-assed show of helpfulness and she can now feel absolved of any residual guilt she might have felt. It just feels so fucking disingenuous.

I know I'm probably being unreasonably annoyed. But I don't understand why she texted me SO GODDAMNED LATE with an offer to help. What did she think I was doing? Leaving the kitchen a mess? How on earth could I, in good conscience, leave it that fucking messy?

Whatever. I have made delicious leftovers. I am drinking the rest of the wine our guest brought over. Mean Girls is now on Netflix. I will get over it. I just need to get this off my chest so I'm not angry anymore.