Tracie's post on women posing in fur coats has given us a new idol. A new fashion icon for the ages. Ladies and gentlemen, please let me introduce you to eBay seller, nsukkagirl.

According to her profile, this former model is a doctor/professor who still loves fashion. Her 100% positive feedback rating is only a peek into how amazing this woman truly is. Lets take a look at the utter fabulousness.

Looking to dazzle during your night on the town? She's got you covered with this multi colored sequin dress.


For those looking for a more casual style, consider this leather jacket and ripped leggings combo.

Here she is rocking a blue and red leather trenchcoat. Very patriotic!


Perhaps you're going to Coachella on a VIP pass and you need to make a grand entrance.

Or maybe you just want to channel your inner Grace Jones.


And you always ALWAYS need a statement piece or two when you head to the opera.

Just remember to have a little fun with your fashion,


and never be afraid of color,

and dress like the HBIC you are.


But remember to always stay informed.

Ciao, dahling!