Update: eBay's Breakout Star is a real life badass

Turns out the book she's holding up with her well bejeweled hand in the post below is a book she wrote, the third book she's written!

She is a Criminal Justice professor with tenure at a small university in Tennessee, has been a Bioterrorism Epidemiologist for the CDC, has done work for World Health Organization, and has written a book of case studies based on women's experiences in maximum security prison.

And don't be fooled, she does all this while still maintaining her badass style at work.

You guise, she is my new hero.

This woman has to be eBay's newest breakout star

Tracie's post on women posing in fur coats has given us a new idol. A new fashion icon for the ages. Ladies and gentlemen, please let me introduce you to eBay seller, nsukkagirl.

According to her profile, this former model is a doctor/professor who still loves fashion. Her 100% positive feedback rating is only a peek into how amazing this woman truly is. Lets take a look at the utter fabulousness.

Looking to dazzle during your night on the town? She's got you covered with this multi colored sequin dress.


For those looking for a more casual style, consider this leather jacket and ripped leggings combo.

Here she is rocking a blue and red leather trenchcoat. Very patriotic!


Perhaps you're going to Coachella on a VIP pass and you need to make a grand entrance.

Or maybe you just want to channel your inner Grace Jones.


And you always ALWAYS need a statement piece or two when you head to the opera.

Just remember to have a little fun with your fashion,


and never be afraid of color,

and dress like the HBIC you are.


But remember to always stay informed.

Ciao, dahling!