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White men at the top no matter how mediocre. This is beauty so I’d say it’s 75% white men and 20% white women, with everyone else fighting for that last 5%.

Meanwhile in “male” hobbies there just aren’t any women or PoC. The few who exist are constantly attacked (see: gaming). And while also being told that they’re benefitting from some type of social affirmative action. Which is fucking hilarious but also bleak that so many people honestly believe that.


And this pattern follows for basically every facet of society. White men dominate everything. The rest of us fight for recognition. Their favorite movies/games/hobbies are cast as high art while anything PoC/women like is mocked or niche. I still see people arguing if Black Panther was a good movie. You know, while Hollywood is currently throwing awards at Joker.

One of my favorite youtubers Jenny Nicolson did a review on the Joker, and she didn’t really care for it. She got MASSIVE backlash for what’s essentially just an opinion. Three men made an 11 hour video going over how she’s “wrong” (for an opinion), and of course also mocking her appearance and basically everything about her. What’s worse is people still show up in her social media to tell her she should’ve watched that 11 hour video if she wanted to be “fair and see other view points.” Lol what. They literally spent most of that time bitching about her personally.

White men have ENERGY to throw at defending themselves and their interests. I don’t know where it comes from. I don’t have that. If someone doesn’t like my favorite movies I don’t dedicated weeks of my life to arguing about it. I wonder why they do that. Cause no one stans like white men. Kardashian, KPop, and Beyonce stans can be a force, but not like fanbases comprised of mostly white dudes. 

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