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So I read the main page piece about the maternal mortality rate bill that was sponsored by a female Republican. I’ll be surprised but happy if that bill goes through. But this woman - Rep. Herrera Beutler - fucking pisses me off. I found a puff piece on her on CNN -

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Washington, was the ninth lawmaker in history to have a baby while serving in Congress. That alone would have been a good reason to tell her story. But what she went through to have — and save — her baby is truly badass, a lesson in courage from a woman who wouldn’t take no for an answer.


Their unborn baby had Potter Syndrome, a condition that develops in utero when there are no kidneys. The Beutlers were told it was 100 percent fatal. 


As a politician, the congresswoman is staunchly anti-abortion. But in this — the most personal of decisions — she says her political views were not a factor.

“You’re not thinking, ‘What’s my political stance on this?’” said Herrera Beutler. Instead, she couldn’t fathom being the one to “end the heartbeat.”


This sly asshole. Oh, you don’t wanna make it political...but you’re gonna mention the heartbeat. Which is literally in all the anti-choice bills conservatives are trying to pass.

Btw scientists can grow beating heart tissue in a lab. I guess we need to save all the petri dishes now? Cause that makes them living humans to these moralizing idiots.

She said she has since met “amazing, brave courageous women” who have made different choices. But the Beutlers said they wanted to “know we did everything we could.”

I’m sorry, but this just isn’t the brave stance they want to make it out to be. Maybe if it were hard for her to have kids, or for some reason this was their last chance to have a kid I’d be more sympathetic. But they were told it’s 100% fatal. So realistically she’d give birth to a premature baby that would suffer and die. And she’s pretending to make this decision “for” the baby, but no. That’s for her. It’s so she doesn’t feel bad. It’s selfish.

Also? Might get hate for this but here goes - I bet she really didn’t want to get an abortion cause that’d hurt her political career. Potentially end it, tbh.

Does Herrera Beutler think she would have been able to convince that doctor at Johns Hopkins to give the experimental treatment a try had she not been a member of Congress?

“I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure,” she admitted.

No. It’s a no. JFC. Most women likely wouldn’t have been able to take the time off work for the regular saline injections. I don’t even know all the extra costs associated with this honestly, but we’re talking about someone whose medical bills are paid by taxpayers.

“One just got her transplant last week, another, two weeks ago,” she said. Herrera Beutler explained that the calls come in from around the world, and people have told her, “Now, when I Google this horrible diagnosis, we know that there’s hope.”


Survivor’s bias. 

Abigail is no longer living without kidneys. She survived on dialysis until she was big enough for a kidney transplant. The donor was her father.

“I don’t think there are many parents who wouldn’t jump at the chance to help their kid,” said Dan Beutler.

He not only gave up his kidney but also gave up his career path. He quit law school to take care of his family, and his wife says that modern approach to gender roles has helped her succeed in Congress.

“He’s the next generation of leaders,” Beutler told me about her husband, beaming with pride. “He’s demonstrating that you can take on something as a team, and it ebbs and flows.”


This should make me happy. But it just fucking annoys me even more.

This woman was given every goddamn privilege in the world. She’s rich, and yet she doesn’t pay her own medical bills. She’s notable enough that doctors went out of their way to help her. And her husband did literally everything he could throughout this whole story to help her, which is not something a lot of men would do. Particularly conservative ones.


And yet here she is...ready to strip women of the choices she had. Which would lead to a society where women have less options in life, so definitely fewer of us running for congress. I know this is supposed to be hopeful, but all I can see is a selfish asshole trying to close the door behind her.

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