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At a thrift shop you could fill a bag of clothes which had a certain sales color for five dollars. Its a twice a month thing. We did not buy any clothes. We got in line to pay. I had a book, a Mack Bolan novel, my mother had some small item.

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The woman in front of us had a bag of clothes. This was the second bag, we missed the first bag the clerk who is also the manager removing all the ckothing to check if the sales color was right. The bag was a long plastic see through bag. The clerk pulled one piece of clothing, then another, clothes twisted together, clothes tightly folded, literally not a drop of air and bag looked like it was about to explode.


I would have gotten maybe three shirts in. There were close to fifty blouses. My mother kept a running commentary saying “oh still has original tags”, “that’s a good name”, “you have nice taste”. The customer was told ten dollars for the two bags. She handed a ten and a ten percent off card. I smiled. The clerk who was also the manager was NOT amused.

The customer was done with I figure close to 100 blouses. The clerk who was also the manager said “that was about 1000 dollars worth of clothing she got for ten dollars”. I was going to say “you mean $9.50" but the clerk who was also the manager well she was not looking to happy.

I am in awe a person could be such a human air compressor and jam so many pieces of clothing into that bag. On the other hand people like her lead to “no more bags for five dollars”.

Another thrift shop it was a church thrift shop used to do this but only for items in the clearance room. Well at first the clerks trusted the customers. As one clerk later said “this is a church”. The problem was the items in the other parts of the thrift shop are not their items but consignors well let’s say there was hell to pay real quick. The items in clearance room were donated items and items past three months. When people consigned there the prices of items were thrift shop prices so a consignor on a good month would get ten maybe fifteen dollars.


The church thrift shop stopped the bag thing in a month. Now you have to be each item in the clearance room, granted all half off but no more bags for a few dollars.

Its one thing to try to get good bargains at a thrift shop but jamming as much as one can humanly compress or in this case almost supernaturally compress into a bag hurts the other customers since thrift shops will stop this.

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