So, the night before last there was a storm, and multiple trees on my street went down. On the power lines. And across the road so we can't get out. FUN. It's not just us: power's out in 40% county, and it's supposed to be a "multi-day event." Probably quite a long one for us โ€” I doubt clearing the trees on a tiny mountain lane with five houses on it is a high priority for the power company or the county.

Anyway, luckily we have a wood stove so we were reasonably comfortable for a day as long as we stuck to that part of the house (my dad even boiled snow to make coffee โ€” mm, dirt-flavored). Although the ice falling on our roof from the trees was scary. This morning my cousin came to rescue us, and we're now staying at my aunt's. HEAT! WATER!

I'm really thankful we have nearby family to take us in, it would be so much worse if we had been stuck with nowhere to go and no way to get there, but I'm still finding the situation really distressing. I don't like not knowing. I'd feel so much better if I just knew when we'll be able to go back home. I hate having it up in the air like this.