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Those awkward moments when...

Ok, here's my first real post:

So I'll probably be posting about my OkC encounters. Also, I'll be talking about The Hopeful (that is what I will be calling him). He is a person that I technically have not met yet because he does not live in the area and he answered my CL ad over a month ago. *cue comments about CL being shady* He knows I am dating (more to this whole situation later).

Anyway, those awkward moments on your OkC date when:

1) Your date looks way different than his pictures so it throws you off a bit. I'm kinda chunky myself so this doesn't bother me but he is definitely not as thin in person than in his pictures...Hmm, ok whatever. I'm ok with it as long as we have good conversation and it's not super awkward which leads me to 2nd awkward thing...


2) Long pauses. Yup we are forcing conversation here. I mean, we did have a few good things to talk about but really, it's kinda quiet and I feel like I'm the one putting in most of the effort. I guess he is nervous or something or I don't know.

3) You go to this cool place that is a restaurant but also has pool and different board games and a bowling alley. The pool tables are reserved and you try to play some game they have that you both don't know how to play. And then you proceed to go outside and sit in the cold.

4) He asks you for a ride home so he doesn't have to ask his mom (who is at the restaurant next door) for a ride home. 0_o


Stay tuned for more of BeeVee's Dating Adventures!

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