Back in my day, we had to sell our own concert tickets as punishment. Nobody had any facespace.

The MP article on the mom who sold off her daughter's Katy Perry tickets on FB reminded me of an experience I had in high school (although with much less shame involved).

16 year old SeeKateRun really, really, really loved Marilyn Manson. And Marilyn Manson had just released Antichrist Superstar and was touring to support the show. Somehow I managed to convince my parents to let me buy tickets.

Now, 16 year old SeeKateRun was pretty lazy and subsequently managed to get Ds in trig and language arts. I just hated doing homework. So a progress report got sent home and my parental units grounded me for 2 weeks. This included banning me from attending the Marilyn Manson show.


And, they made me sell the tickets, at a loss. Luckily, there were quite a few goth-type kids at school, so I sold them off pretty fast. Still.


I never got a chance to see Marilyn Manson. It remains one of my biggest regrets of my teen years.